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22,87 € 26,90 € -15%

Spare Ufesa. filter Hepa FA0300 for vacuum cleaners Ufesa models AS3016, AS3018.

8,20 €

Universal handle door refrigerator Adaptable to multitude of brands and models of refrigerators and friforificos. It supports distance of screws of between 14,5 cm and 17 cm.

17,90 €

Spare universal thermostat plates roast and grill Replacement thermostat universal connector for plates to grill and grills Valid for several makes and models: Solac, etc...

15,95 €

Replacement of cartridges anticalcareos for compact Solac ironing centers, series CVG (CVG9600, CVG9800, etc...). Blister of 2 units.

14,90 €

Replacement of sealed original Wmf pressure cookers 22 cm Perfect for Board

12,00 €

Seal pot Fagor 22 cm. Original. Valid for all models of pressure cookers Fagor and Splendid of 22cm (measurement of the inner diameter of the rubber) made from high quality material < /p>Check measurement of gasket you need your pot before placing the order correctly. Fagor only works with only two measures: 22cm and 25cm of inner diameter of Board

9,90 €

Cleaning Natural stone. Pierre verte. The fantastic green stone, Pierre verte. polishing and cleaning for all types of metals. The Original pierre verte.

14,95 €

Handle cover for Fagor pressure cooker, model Rapid Express 99

17,90 €

J original Fissler pressure cookers for spread of 22 cm. valid for 99% of the models: Vitaquick, Blue Vitavit Vitavit Royal, Magic, etc... correctly check measurement of gasket you need your pot before placing the order. Fissler only works with only two measures: 22cm and 26cm internal diameter of Board.

13,90 €

Vacuum cleaner bag for Siemens, Bosch, Ufesa; G-type

14,90 €

Replacement valve Fissler safety pressure cooker. Valve Unimatic < /p >

8,50 €

Replacement of the gasket indicator steam for pressure cookers WMF Perfect Plus

8,90 €

Valve for Fagor pressure cooker, Rapid Express 99 models, Rapid Express 98, and others...

12,90 €

Filter 2 cups coffee, Solac C304 Replacement Solac, filter coffee two cups for coffee express Solac CG304 and C304new version is shipped with plastic pressurized valve!Note: also have a filter with the same characteristics but not pressurized valve stock here.

16,90 €

Replacement of the handle cover for Fagor Splendid 98 model pressure cooker

10,50 €

Replacement of the Board for Magefesa rapid pans of 22 cm. Adaptable to all quick pots Magefesa.

6,95 €

Handle with adjustable screws to pans and casseroles brand AMC

19,90 €

Replacement gasket original for pressure cookers Fissler of 26 cm. correctly check measurement of gasket you need your pot before placing the order. Fissler only works with only two measures: 22cm and 26cm internal diameter of Board.

16,90 €

Replacement vacuum cleaner filter Taurus Megane 2200 AdvanceHepa Filters Set for Taurus vacuum cleaner models 2200 Megane and Megane Advance Note: the "Version II" (high deposit) need also the adapter: reference 083900000

22,90 €

Replacement Blender jar Oster round Jug glass for Blender y licuadoras de vaso Oster. Round mouth. Support thread for all Oster models.

8,50 €

WMF Perfect pressure safety valve replacement

16,90 €

Replacement filter, MOP and two brushes for vacuum cleaner robot Taurus model Mini Striker

18,95 €

 Repuesto Bolsa aspirador Nilfisk Power y Select Box of bags for vacuum cleaners Nilfisk Series Power and series Select

8,90 €

Decompression for stainless steel Magefesa pressure cooker valve. Adaptable to all models of Magefesa pressure cooker.

9,50 €

Replacement for cooker of lower handle of the body for models Rapid Espress 99, Manor, Fagor pressure cookers and others.

8,95 €

Set cone/screw for conventional Magefesa pressure cookers. The threaded shaft replacement of valid closure for all classic Magefesa pots and other brands of cooker.

14,90 €

Gasket rubber original 24 cm for Duromatic-Khun Rikon pressure cooker. correctly check measurement of gasket you need your pot before placing the order. Khun Rikon only works with only two measures: 22cm and 24cm internal diameter of Board.

34,90 €

Spare battery vacuum cleaner Mini Striker Taurus Replacement of batteries for Taurus vacuum cleaner robot Mini striker

12,95 €

Handle replacement lid for stainless steel Magefesa pressure cooker model Magestar.

31,90 €

Handle Cap for pressure cooker Fissler, model Vitavit

10,50 €

Red valve 1 kg for model Rapid Express Fagor pressure cookers

8,50 €

Replacement of the Board of WMF Perfect pressure cookers pressure indicator

12,95 €

Set filter replacement, 2 brushes for robot Taurus model Slim Robot vacuum cleaner

16,00 €

Replacement vacuum bag Taurus Auris Bags Taurus models for vacuum cleaner Auris 2000, Auris 2200, Auris ionic, 1800 Micra Compact.

14,90 €

   Repuesto Bolsa aspirador UfesaFA0200 AS2200 Bag vacuum cleaner Ufesa Fa0200 for model AS2200

8,95 €

Handle for Fagor Innova pressure cookerFagor replacement of the lower loop of the Fagor Innova pressure cooker. It is subject to the saucepan with a single screw, so its replacement is very easy.

6,90 €

Knob for cover of conventional Magefesa pressure cookers

7,90 €

Replacement valve pot Magefesa Practika Replacement valve for cooker, Magefesa Practika

12,90 €

Filter 1 coffee cup Solac C304 Filter 1 cup espresso Solac C304, CG304sent new version with plastic pressurized valve!

14,95 €

Replacement handle pot Fagor Rapid Xpress Replacement handle cover for Fagor pressure cooker model Rapid Xpress

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