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24,20 €

Spare Ufesa. filter Hepa FA0300 for vacuum cleaners Ufesa models AS3016, AS3018.

8,20 €

Universal handle door refrigerator Adaptable to multitude of brands and models of refrigerators and friforificos. It supports distance of screws of between 14,5 cm and 17 cm.

15,95 €

Replacement of cartridges anticalcareos for compact Solac ironing centers, series CVG (CVG9600, CVG9800, etc...). Blister of 2 units.

17,90 €

Spare universal thermostat plates roast and grill Replacement thermostat universal connector for plates to grill and grills Valid for several makes and models: Solac, etc...

12,00 €

Seal pot Fagor 22 cm. Original. Valid for all models of pressure cookers Fagor and Splendid of 22cm (measurement of the inner diameter of the rubber) made from high quality material < /p> Check measurement of gasket you need your pot before placing the order correctly. Fagor only works with only two measures: 22cm and 25cm of inner diameter of Board

14,90 €

Replacement of sealed original Wmf pressure cookers 22 cm Perfect for Board

9,90 €

Cleaning Natural stone. Pierre verte. The fantastic green stone, Pierre verte. polishing and cleaning for all types of metals. The Original pierre verte.

14,95 €

Handle cover for Fagor pressure cooker, model Rapid Express 99

13,90 €

Vacuum cleaner bag for Siemens, Bosch, Ufesa; G-type

17,90 €

J original Fissler pressure cookers for spread of 22 cm. valid for 99% of the models: Vitaquick, Blue Vitavit Vitavit Royal, Magic, etc... correctly check measurement of gasket you need your pot before placing the order. Fissler only works with only two measures: 22cm and 26cm internal diameter of Board.

14,90 €

Replacement valve Fissler safety pressure cooker. Valve Unimatic < /p >

7,90 €

Valve for Fagor pressure cooker, Rapid Express 99 models, Rapid Express 98, and others...

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