Filter coffee maker water Ufesa Bosch Siemens

15,48 €

Filter coffee maker ufesa

Filter coffee water tank Ufesa, Bosch and Siemens

filtro para sapiradora ufesa


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water filter coffee maker Ufesa Bosch Siemens

filtro para sapiradora ufesa

  • Brita Intenza water filter reduces lime deposits, purify
    the water and prolongs the life of your coffeemaker
  • adjustable depending on the hardness of the water
  • reduces the presence of substances such as chlorine, lead, copper...
  • Greatly improves the taste and aroma of coffee
  • It is recommended to change it after using 50 l of agua(400 tazas de café
    o 1000 de café espresso) or every 2 months
  • Filter for the coffee mod: TCA7.., TCC78.., TK7..., EQ.7..., C77V60...
    , CV7760N..,
  • Contents: 1 Filter

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