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6,95 €

Safety valve for pots classic Magefesa after 2013 models < /p >

8,50 €

Original knob pot Magefesa Star

7,90 €

Mango body pot Magefesa Qualix Replacement of handle of the pot body Quick Magefesa qualix.

9,90 €

Chimney pot Magefesa Qualix Replacement of Chimenea de olla Quick Magefesa qualix.

9,90 €

Valve pot Magefesa Qualix Replacement of Válvula de olla Quick Magefesa qualix.

11,95 €

Mango pot Magefesa Qualix Replacement of pot handle Quick Magefesa qualix.

10,15 €

Board of Magefesa pot 18cm, 4 Practika, Favorit 4 Replacement original of the Board of cooker, Magefesa for models Practika 4 and Favorit 4 from 3, 5litros < /p > 18cm internal diameter of Board.

9,90 €

Chimney pot Magefesa Favorit Replacement fireplace pot Magefesa Favorit model

9,90 €

Replacement handle bottom pot Magefesa Dynamic Replacement of lower handle for Magefesa pressure cooker < /strong > Dynamic model

11,90 €

Replacement valve pot Magefesa Dynamic Valvulapara Magefesa pressure cooker replacement < /strong > Dynamic model

12,95 €

Replacement handle top Magefesa Dynamic Replacement of the Magefesa pressure cooker lid handle Dynamic model

7,90 €

HANDLE SIDE POT MAGEFESA PRACTIKA Side handle for the pressure cooker, Magefesa Practika original replacement.

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