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9,95 €

San Ignacio Rioja gasket Pan 22 cm SG1500 Board rubber Ignatius  para ollas a presión model Rioja and SG1500. Measurement of the internal diameter of the Board; 22cm

8,90 €

Valve pot Monix Veloce Replacement valve for cooker monix. Veloce and Innvoca models

13,90 €

Handle lid pot Monix Veloce Replacement pot lid handle Monix model Veloce. 

8,90 €

Valve for pot Monix Faster Replacement of throttle pressure pot Monix, model Faster. < /p >

8,90 €

Mango body pot Monix Quick Faster Veloce Spare handle for body of Monix pots, for Quick, Faster New, Veloce, Innvoca models. 

4,95 €

Spare gasket valve pot Monix Quick Spare gasket valve pot Monix Quick

8,95 €

Replacement valve pot Monix Rapidmax Replacement of valve pot holders Monix Rapidmax

13,95 €

Replacement handle pot Monix Rapidmax Handle replacement lid pot Monix Rapidmax

9,95 €

Spare accommodation valve pot monix Oroley Replacement of valve housing Monix Oroley

12,95 €

Replacement handle cap for pressure cookers Monix model Minute

7,95 €

Replacement valve for monix pressure cooker model Minute

9,95 €

Gasket for pressure cookers Monix original rubber model Quick, Minute, Vitesse...

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