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105,00 €

Vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Coupe Neo

29,90 €

Cable vacuum cleaner Nilfisk GD series and GSD Nilfisk aspirasdores full cable. Valid for GD and Nilfisk GSD series.

36,20 €

Handle vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Power Lever for Nilfisk vacuum cleaner, model Power, P10, P20 tube...

17,90 €

Hepa Nilfisk filter H10 series POWER Hepa filter for vacuum cleaners-Nilfisk H10 series POWER

35,30 €

Vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Extreme telescopic tube and X - series Tube for suction Nilfisk Original replacement. Telescopic folding, suitable for models of Nilfisk Extreme X 200 and X 300 series

24,50 €

 Repuesto Bolsa aspirador Nilfisk King Replacement of Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bags series Extreme and King. It contains 5 bags and motor filter.

18,90 €

Original bags for vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Buddy Nilfisk spare bags for vacuum cleaners Buddy

18,95 €

 Repuesto Bolsa aspirador Nilfisk Power y Select Box of bags for vacuum cleaners Nilfisk Series Power and series Select

59,90 €

Replacement hose vacuum cleaner Nilfisk extreme Hose vacuum cleaner Nilfisk extreme X 200 X 300

59,90 €

Replacement hose vacuum cleaner Nilfisk seriePower P40 Hose for vacuum cleaner Nilfisk, series POWER (P40, P12, etc...)

19,95 €

Spare wheels vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Coupe Wheels rear vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Coupe

16,00 €

Replacement filter vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Coupe Hepa filter for vacuum cleaner Nilfisk H10, series Coupe

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