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11,95 €

Brazo batidora Palson Mixcella Recambio original del brazo para batidoras Palson modelo Mixcella

9,90 €

Cookware safety valve electrical Palson, AMC and GM Replacement of the floating valve of electric pots palson Sapore, AMC, GM and other brands. Serves the metal shaft and the lower gasket. < /p>

7,95 €

Valve pot electric Palson Sapore GM and AMC Replacement of valve regulatory pressure for electric cookers < strong >PALSON Sapore. Compatible with electric cookers type AMC, GM. 

17,00 €

Spare Palson Windstorm vacuum cleaner HEPA filter Replacement HEPA filter for vacuum cleaners Palson Windstorm model Original replacement from the manufacturer of the HEPA filter for vacuum cleaner Bagless Palson, model Windstorm.   

45,00 €

Grill plate nonstick roasting Palson model EVELYN

23,92 € 29,90 € -20%

Replacement jug Blender Palson Acapulco and Lima Carafe for blenders Palson, Acapulco and Lima models

24,50 €

Replacement Blender jar Palson Havana Palson Havana Blender jar glass

13,95 €

Spare gasket rubber cooker Replacement Board cooker Palson (type AMC)

18,15 €

Spare blades Blender Palson Havana Palson model Habana Blender blades

19,90 €

Replacement of blades for Palson Hair Trimmer model Neptune

49,90 €

Battery for vacuum cleaner robot Palson model Diabolo

17,00 €

Hepa filter for vacuum cleaners Bagless Palson model Future

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