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List of products by manufacturer POLTI

14,95 €

Air freshener bio-ecological for vacuum cleaners from Polti water, Lecoaspira, Lecologico, Vaporetto...

17,90 €

Anti-scale Polti "Kalstop". 20 ampoules pods protective of boiler.

99,00 €

Vacuum cleaner Polti Forzaspira CS200

69,00 €

Battery vacuum cleaner Polti Forzaspira SR25.9

16,95 €

Replacement boiler Cap Iron Polti < /H1 > Replacement of plug for boilers ironing < /strong > Polti. Female thread boiler Cap. Several models.Knob or 45. Thread 1/2 "(19 mm). Mobile. Pressureless.

16,95 €

Replacement boiler Cap Center ironing Polti Replacement of boiler for ironing centers Cap Polti. Boiler with female thread Cap. Several models.Knob or 50. Thread 1/2 "(19 mm). Mobile. Pressureless.

157,00 €

Centro planchado Vaporella Polti Forever 700 Gracias a la tecnología de Polti se consigue un planchado rápido, preciso y mejor por su vapor de primera calidad: temperatura correcta, alta presión, regulable y continuo.

16,90 €


22,75 €

Replacement deposit Polti Forever 600 ironing CenterTank water for ironing Center Polti Forever 600 model and all the centers of iron Polti 600 series. Tank fill window-ironing Center.

9,95 €

Elbow Polti AS800 water tankReplacement elbow air for water tank vacuum cleaner Polti AS800 model Lecologico

18,15 €

Replacement filter vacuum cleaner Lecologico Polti AS800 Hepa filter for vacuum cleaner Polti AS800 Lecologico AS820, AS900, AS910 models

24,95 €

Replacement filter vacuum cleaner Lecologico AS805 Polti Hepa filter for vacuum cleaner Polti models LECOLOGICO AS805/AS807/SPECIAL PARQUET/AS850/AS870/AS890

23,95 €

Filter replacement Hepa Polti for models of vacuum cleaner Lecologico AS810, AS808

24,95 €

Repuesto Filtro Aspirador Polti PAEU0226 Filtro Hepa para aspirador de agua Polti Lecoaspira 700 710 y modelos  Leologico AS805 AS807 AS870...  

4,90 €

Fork elbow Polti AS800 deposit Replacement cradle or clip to attach the tube from the tank vacuum cleaner Polti AS800 

59,00 €

Replacement iron Polti Iron complete ironing Center original Polti

67,71 €

Vaporeto Polti full plate replacement Ironing complete vaporetto Polti

5,45 €

It covers wheels for Polti AS805 parquet

15,90 €

Kit Cloths are Compatible for Polti Moppy

54,95 €

Replacement plate control vacuum cleaner Polti AS808 Plate control vacuum cleaner Polti AS808

87,90 €

Replacement plate control vacuum cleaner Polti 910 Plate control vacuum cleaner Polti Lecoaspira 910

7,50 €

Filter sponge for the deposit of water Extractor Polti model AS805. Original replacement.

9,45 €

Replacement switch cleaner Polti AS805 Replacement of the switch power for water cleaners < strong >Polti AS805  y otras

22,75 €

Replacement deposit Polti Forever 400 Water for ironing Center Polti reservoir model 400 Forever and ironing Polti's 400 series centers

9,45 €

Replacement switch Polti Replacement of the switch ignition for ironing stations Polti Forever 950 and other

15,95 €

Filter set foam for vacuum cleaners of water. Polti spare model 800Series Compact

16,95 €

Polti replacement Cap ironing Center Replacement of plug for boilers ironing < /strong > Polti. Boiler Cap thread male.Knob or 45. Thread 1/2 "(19 mm). Male Mobile. Pressureless.

87,90 €

Polti Vaporella Easy Pro ironing Center. < /p > The Polti vaporella offers a system of ironing Professional with aluminium soleplate and cork handle breathable, which guarantees maximum comfort. 

157,95 €

Polti Vaporella Professional ironing Center. < /p > Polti Vaporella professional handle of Cork and sole in aluminium, with a boiler pressure of 3.5 bar 

506,95 €

Polti vaporetto Lecoaspira forever Animal. < /p > V < /span >aporetto Lecoaspira is the more complete cleaning of all the casa:aspirador, cleaning, ironing, dry... Center

9,75 €

Pressure switch centers of iron Polti 3.75 bar thread 1/8 " Replacement of pressure regulated for ironing centers mark Polti and others. Thread 1/8 "and weighed to 3.75 bar pressure

12,95 €

Spare wheel side vacuum cleaner Polti AS580 Side wheel cleaner Polti AS580

16,30 €

Replacement solenoid valve Polti Solenoid valve with regulator Polti < /p >

14,95 €

Replacement thermostat double central iron Polti Replacement of thermostat 165 ° + 260 ° hotmelt for Polti ironing stations. 

19,50 €

Replacement hose vacuum cleaner Polti AS810 Polti AS810 AS805, AS 580 vacuum cleaner hose

319,95 €

Vaporetto Polti Evolution Kit (with iron). < /p > This Kit Evolution of Polti allows you both to remove grease, clean, remove dust mites and allergens with the vaporetto; as iron and get rid of wrinkles and bacteria from clothing with the accessory sheet. < /span >

406,95 €

Vaporetto Polti Forever Exclusive. < /p > Vaporetto of Polti Forever Exclusive, boiler with Extra ALP aluminum alloy anti-corrosion and anti-scale. pressure of 4.5 bar. Surge of steam up to 120 g/min, adjustable in 5 levels. 

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