Seal pot Monix Quick / Minute / Vitesse

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Gasket for pressure cookers Monix original rubber model Quick, Minute, Vitesse...


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Replacement seal pot Monix Quick

gasket rubber original Monix pressure cookers model Quick, Minute, Vitesse..., use and conservation of the closing cover seals tips for fast pans Monix

  • before first use of your pressure cooker Monix, and after each use, wash the gasket or rubber with water and SOAP to wash the crockery. Clarify later.
  • When not using the cooker, allow placed gasket in the lid without closing and without the pressure nothing to avoid deformations.
  • Important: place the Board on the top so that fit completely over the top inside of the same, observing that not mounted on the outgoing centering or eyelash.

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