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6,50 €

Spare Solac AS3191 vacuum cleaner filter For the replacement of the filter HEPA for Solac vacuum cleaner models AS3191 and AS3192    

12,90 €

Filter 2 cups coffee, Solac C304 Replacement Solac, filter coffee two cups for coffee express Solac CG304 and C304 new version is shipped with plastic pressurized valve! Note: also have a filter with the same characteristics but not pressurized valve stock here.

14,90 €

Basket for deep fat frying Solac FM6721 and equivalents. 13 cm x 18 cm x 9 cm.

13,90 €

Filter coffee maker Solac CE4491 2 cups Filter pressurized 2 strong > tazas para cafetera express Solac CE4491. 52, 5mm of diameter strong >

13,90 €

Filter coffee maker Solac CE4491 1 cup Pressurized filter < /strong >1 cup espresso Solac CE4491. 52, 5mm of diameter

21,90 €

Replacement coffee filter holder Solac CE4491 CE4492 Replacement filter for coffee, Solac, models CE4491 and CE44792, with three tabs of lace or subjection. < /p > Cacillo-Filtro not included

15,90 €

Coffee filter holder Solac CE4450 Replacement of filter basket filter holder for coffee express Solac, model CE4450. Filter basket or filter not included.

13,95 €

Replacement filter Solac AS3241 vacuum conical Solac AS3241 vacuum conical filter

13,95 €

Replacement vacuum cleaner filter Solac AS3241 and AS3242 Hepa filter for vacuum cleaners Solac AS3241 and AS3242

38,72 €

Replacement mixer body Solac BA5626 Full body motor Solac BA5626 mixer

6,30 €

Filter for coffeemaker Solac CE4490

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