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Spare parts and accessories for mixers and grinders

Section of spare parts of blender. If you need an arm for your mixer, a motor, or any blade in Servimenaje we have it all.

We work with an extensive catalog of brands of blenders to offer you the largest range of spare parts: do you Need spare parts Braun mixer? Do not worry or look further in this section you will find all about the art of whisking and kneading, do not discard your blender, grinder or mixer for a lack of spare part or accessory, we work with Braun, with Solac, Fagor, Ufesa, Taurus, Siemens, Palson, Etc. Any kind of replacement, either an arm of the mixer, a gear , or a knife what you can find in this section, and if it doesn't clear... just Ask us!!!

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