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Filter vacuum conical Ufesa AS3016N Filter Protector of the deposit of vacuum cleaners Ufesa, for model AS3016N, Cycletron

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Filter foam protector for vacuum cleaner Ufesa AS5200 Filter replacement foam protector for HEPA filter in the tank for vacuum cleaners Ufesa AS5200. Filter vacuum cleaner sponge Ufesa replacement. Original Ufesa replacement. 

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Filter for vacuum cleaner Ufesa AS5200 HEPA filter replacement of the deposit for aspiradorea Ufesa AS5200. Vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa replacement. Original Ufesa replacement. 

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Vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa AS2110 Replacement HEPA filter for vacuum cleaner Ufesa model AS2110

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Vacuum cleaner bags Original Ufesa AC2000 AP8000 FA0202 Original replacement of vacuum cleaner bag Ufesa FA0202 for the smodelos AC2000, 2500, 500 and AP8000, 9000 It contains 5 bags.

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Vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa AM4341 Original Ufesa hand vacuum filter replacement, model AM4341

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Ufesa AS1915 FA0516 vacuum cleaner bags Original replacement of bags and filters for vacuum cleaners Ufesa, models AS1915 and AS1916. FA0516

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Filter pressurized for Ufesa Ce7141 coffee makers one cup Replacement of pressurized filter down to the coffee Ufesa model CE7141 and others. Filter for measurement of a cup coffee. Valid for other models of brands according to measurements cafetaras. < /p > 52mm in diameter. height 25mm

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