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23,31 €

Blender Ufesa replacement Arm for mixers Ufesa replacement model BP4576 / 01 and series MSM6A...

10,50 €

   Repuesto Bolsa aspirador UfesaFA0200 AS2200 Bag vacuum cleaner Ufesa Fa0200 for model AS2200

13,90 €

Bosch Easy Mixx handblender Original replacement of the rods for mounting cream of Bosch Easy Mixx mixer. For models MSM6700, BP4505 mixer, Easy MIxx...

Replacement carafe coffee maker Bosch Ufesa Dueto Carafe coffee maker Bosch Ufesa Duet CK7355

13,50 €

Replacement coffee carafe Ufesa Arial 40 Carafe coffee maker Ufesa Arial40

13,50 €

Portafiltro cafetera CE7141 Recambio de portafltro para cafetera express Ufesa CE7141. Filtros disponibles de una y dos tazas no incluidos.

Replacement coffee carafe Ufesa CG7231 Coffee maker carafe Ufesa CG7231 CG7232

11,28 €

Replacement coffee carafe Ufesa CE7115 Replacement of glass carafe original for coffee Ufesa models CE7115 and CE7121.

12,00 €

Replacement filter coffee maker Ufesa CE7115 Filter for coffeemaker Ufesa CE7115  

12,00 €

Filter coffee maker Ufesa CE7121 Filter for coffeemaker Ufesa CE7121

8,90 €

Filter foam protector for vacuum cleaner Ufesa AS5200Filter replacement foam protector for HEPA filter in the tank for vacuum cleaners Ufesa AS5200. Filter vacuum cleaner sponge Ufesa replacement. Original Ufesa replacement. 

17,90 €

Filter for vacuum cleaner Ufesa AS5200HEPA filter replacement of the deposit for aspiradorea Ufesa AS5200. Vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa replacement. Original Ufesa replacement. 

26,90 €

Spare Ufesa. filter Hepa FA0300 for vacuum cleaners Ufesa models AS3016, AS3018.

14,90 €

Filter pressurized for Ufesa Ce7141 coffee makers one cup Replacement of pressurized filter down to the coffee Ufesa model CE7141 and others. Filter for measurement of a cup coffee. Valid for other models of brands according to measurements cafetaras. < /p > 52mm in diameter. height 25mm

12,90 €

Filter vacuum conical Ufesa AS3016NFilter Protector of the deposit of vacuum cleaners Ufesa, for model AS3016N, Cycletron

13,90 €

Filter vacuums Ufesa FA0210, for AS2100, AS2150, AS2155 Replacement of the filters for vacuum cleaners Ufesa. FA0210, valid for the above-mentioned models AS2100, AS2150, AS2155 

15,95 €

Repuesto filtro aspirador Ufesa Cycletron Filtro deposito aspirador Ufesa Cycletron AC5818

27,95 €

Repuesto Filtro aspirador Ufesa 263506 Filtro Hepa aspirador Ufesa modelos AC5500 y erie BSD... de Bosch   

24,95 €

Repuesto filtro aspirador Ufesa AC6020Kit de Filtros Hepa para aspirador sin bolsa Ufesa FA0600, para modelo AC6020

17,95 €

Set filtro Hepa para aspiradores Ufesa FA 0518, paramodelos Cycletron, AC5918 y AC5818 

4,90 €

Filter Motor Vacuum cleaner Ufesa Bosch AS3016

21,90 €

Replacement vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa Cycletron AS3016N Ufesa replacement HEPA filter for vacuum cleaners Ufesa models CYCLETRON, AS3016N, AS3018N. 

23,90 €

Replacement vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa FA0620 Filter HEPA to vacuum cleaners Ufesa AS2120

18,90 €

 Repuesto Bolsa aspirador Ufesa FA0510 AC5010 Kit bags and vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa FA0510 for AC5010 AC5015 (5 bolsas+1 Filter entrada+1 Filter HEPA)

14,90 €

Spare bags vacuum cleaner Ufesa FA0201 for AS2201 and AS2202 Original wrapper bags of powder for vacuum cleaners Ufesa replacement. FA0201, valid for models of vacuum Ufesa AS2201, AS2202

10,50 €

Gasket rubber pressure cookers Decor original models Olympic, Elite, Exit.

Replacement vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa AS2318 Set bags and filter Epa Ufesa AS2318 AS2320

Replacement vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa FA0900 AT9009 Set bags and Ufesa FA0900 HEPA filter for models AT9009 AT9019

19,90 €

Replacement vacuum cleaner filter Ufesa AC6210 Set Filter Hepa Ufesa AC6210 AC6220 AC6230

11,95 €

Replacement Siemens Ufesa Bosch vacuum motor filter Siemens Ufesa Bosch motor filter

13,90 €

Replacement vacuum cleaner telescopic tube Vacuum cleaner telescopic tube , 32mm diameter top and bottom. 

15,90 €

 Repuesto FA0810 Bolsas para aspirador Ufesa AP8100 Bolsafa0810, replacement of Ufesa AP8100 vacuum cleaner bags 3 bags + 1 filter input + 1 output filter

13,90 €

Ufesa AS1915 FA0516 vacuum cleaner bagsOriginal replacement of bags and filters for vacuum cleaners Ufesa, models AS1915 and AS1916. FA0516

Replacement coffee carafe Ufesa CG7221 Jug for coffee Ufesa CG7221

12,95 €

Ufesa FA0622 vacuum cleaner filters for models AC6200 Replacement of the necessary filters for vacuum cleaners Ufesa model AC6200. FA0622 filters reference 

12,90 €

Vacuum cleaner bags Original Ufesa AC2000 AP8000 FA0202Original replacement of vacuum cleaner bag Ufesa FA0202 for the smodelos AC2000, 2500, 500 and AP8000, 9000 It contains 5 bags.

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