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24,95 €

Iris thermal bag Suitcase food portal, with containers. Bag porta food

9,90 €

Deflector hood light oval Deflector diffuser light for hoods bompilla-oval-shaped, aptoa for several models. and brands

5,60 €

Lid knob Crystal Bra hide

1,00 €

Pasta thermal dose for GHD and microprocessors Doses of 0, 6g of pasta dissipating heat for irons GHD hair, Microporcesadores and other electronic components.  Each envelope contains the amount needed in a griddle or microprocessor

12,10 €

Electric heating network cable 2 m power cable complete with Connector for heaters electric kettles and other electronic equipment. Stuko connector slot. 

29,90 €

Engine vacuum cleaner 2000w Replacement of domestic vacuum cleaner motor. 

3,50 €

Special oven 25w bulb Replacement of Special electric oven lamp. 25W 230v, 300 ° E14 thread

9,00 €

95 ° thermostat for boiler of coffee makers and ironing centers Universal temperature controller thermostat, for boilers of coffee makers and ironing centres. Set to 95º

10,25 €

Replacement filter one cup coffee express Replacement of depressurized filter coffee express adaptable.  Ø 55, alto 21 mm.

10,25 €

Replacement filter 2 cups coffee express Replacement of depressurized filter coffee express adaptable.  Ø 55, alto 25 mm. Note: Filter of the same measures as the ref 400810 pero sin válvula presurizadora en su parte inferior. Adaptable a las solac coffeemakers Solac C304 less than 18bar.

22,95 €

Hose of vacuum cleaner repair service Le We repair your vacuum cleaner hose with a cost fixed. All brands. Flexible change, maintaining the rigid parts of their old tube. All brands. Total cost including shipping freight

49,00 €

Spare generic iron ironing Center Set generic trouser ironing centers.

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