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Replacement valve for pressure cookers

Valves for pressure cookers

 Have you been spoiled the valve of your pressure cooker? Do not worry, we have any type of valve or regulator mechanism of steam to pots express, of all the brands on the market: Fagor, Perfect, Fissler, WMF, Decor, Stands, Duromatic, Khun Rikon...

We have gathered in this section of our website all the valves of pressure cookers on the market, together so that you can differentiate between them. The valve is perhaps the most important part of a pot express, since it is responsible for regulating and maintaining constant the internal pressure of the pot. Thank you to those bars of pressure, and not others, the food is cooked to the ideal speed, and the water molecules make the food cooked in these utensils has its fair share of moisture, flavor, and doneness. To maintain in optimal conditions the valve of pressure cooker is also a must for safety.

If you are not sure you can ask, and we seek to us.

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