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89,00 €


13,90 €

Corkscrews WMF Corkscrews WMF with bottle opener

8,95 €

Spare gasket indicator pot Perfect M Board display Wmf Perfect M  

8,50 €

Replacement gasket plate WMF Replacement gasket gasket plate valve Wmf Perfect M < /p >

97,00 €

Replacement handle pot WMF PERFECT PRO Handle replacement full handle for pots caps WMF Perfect Pro

Duo grinder salt and pepper WMF This tool made of stainless steel, with Wmf ceramic grinders, combines two separate compartments, one for salt and other pepper. With a great ideal to present in the table design. < /p >

8,50 €

Replacement for replacement of the gasket indicator pressure pot Perfect Ultra.

8,50 €

Safety valve for pressure cookers WMF Perfect Ultra. Original replacement.

8,50 €

Replacement rubber gasket indicator pressure for pressure cookers WMF Perfect Ultra.

49,90 €

Replacement original handle Cap full for WMF Perfect Plus pressure cookers

8,50 €

Wmf Perfect Plus pressure safety valve for pots

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