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8,90 €

Handle Rear Bottom Pot Fagor Future

8,90 €

Handle Lower Close Cooker Fagor Future

14,95 €

Replacement handle pot Fagor Xpress Replacement handle cover for Fagor pressure cooker model Xpress

15,00 €

Seal pot Fagor 22 cm. Original. Valid for all models of pressure cookers Fagor and Splendid of 22cm (measurement of the inner diameter of the rubber) made from high quality material < /p>Check measurement of gasket you need your pot before placing the order correctly. Fagor only works with only two measures: 22cm and 25cm of inner diameter of Board

12,00 €


8,35 €


7,90 €

Replacement handle body Fagor cooker Handle body pot holders Fagor. Adaptable to various models of Fagor: Rapid Express 99, Splendid, Manor, etc...

7,50 €

Fagor cookers safety valve Replacement of valve Security for Fagor pressure cookers. 

14,35 €

Jug for coffee maker Fagor CG806 Replacement of jug for coffee makers Fagor, models CG806. (6Tazas)    

8,90 €

Replacement valve pressure cooker, Fagor Xpress < /H1 > Steam pot Fagor control valve model Xpress < /p >

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