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18,90 €

Replacement seal pot Fissler Premium 26 Original Board for 26cm Fissler pressure cookers , for models: Vitaquick, Vitavit comfort and Vitavit Premium

19,90 €

Replacement handle pot Fissler Blue body Replacement of the handle body Fissler Blue model 26cm pot

16,50 €

J original Fissler pressure cookers for spread of 22 cm. valid for 99% of the models: Vitaquick, Blue Vitavit Vitavit Royal, Magic, etc... correctly check measurement of gasket you need your pot before placing the order. Fissler only works with only two measures: 22cm and 26cm internal diameter of Board.

29,90 €

Replacement handle pot Fissler Vitavit Confort Spare handle cover for pots Fissler pressure, model Vitavit comfort

8,50 €


34,90 €


32,90 €

Replacement valve pot Fissler Vitavit Comfort Replacement of valve < /strong > Vitavit Comfort, Vitavit models, Fissler pressure cooker premium and Vitavit Edition  

15,90 €

Replacement valve pot Fissler Vitaquick Replacement of the complete valve for Fissler pressure cooker, model Vitaquick new < /p >

29,90 €

Replacement handle pot Fissler Vitaquick Spare handle lid for Fissler pressure cooker, model Vitaquick New

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